Spotify Is Down in Some Parts of the World

Spotify is down in some parts of the world right now, including the US, the UK, France, South Africa, Korea, and Indonesia, and the outage is not letting members play any songs longer than a few seconds, according to a report. Gadgets 360 hasn’t noticed any playback troubles on Spotify on multiple accounts across devices in India, so it’s unclear if India isn’t affected or if Spotify has already fixed what was causing the issue.

In a tweet on Wednesday 6:10pm IST, the official Spotify Status account tweeted: “We’re aware of some issues right now and are checking them out! We’ll keep you posted.” Gadgets 360 has reached out to Spotify to enquire what’s behind the issue and why India doesn’t seem to be affected. The Verge was one of the first publications to report that users in the US were facing troubles with playback.

Twitter users in the aforementioned regions are reporting that Spotify is down for them, with the app throwing up a variety of errors: “can’t play the current song” or “something went wrong”. You won’t encounter the error if you play songs from your offline library, naturally, or songs and playlists that recently have been played, as those might be cached on your device.

Spotify doesn’t usually run into troubles. It last faced an issue with its mobile apps when Facebook’s iOS SDK troubles knocked out several apps, including Spotify, and made them crash at launch.

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