Lisa Haydon Surfs Like A Pro In This Jaw-Dropping Video

Lisa Haydon was surfing in Hong Kong. (Image courtesy: lisahaydon)


  • Lisa Haydon absolutely loves surfing
  • She surfed even when she was pregnant
  • This was practically my only release to feel better: Lisa Haydon

New Delhi:

Actress Lisa Haydon shared a terrific video of herself surfing in Hong Kong, which she captioned, “Falling down isn’t so bad.” In the video, Lisa Haydon confidently surfs with a smile on her face and after almost one minute she slips from the surfboard. In another post, Lisa Haydon shared a picture of herself standing by the beach. Lisa Haydon’s Instafam showered compliments and wrote comments such as, “you are goals” and “You’re too good.” Lisa Haydon is married to entrepreneur Dino Lalvani and they stay in Hong Kong with their two sons – three-year-old Zack and six-month-old Leo.

Check out Lisa Haydon’s fabulous surfing video here:

And here’s the picture from Lisa Haydon’s beach outing:

Lisa Haydon absolutely loves surfing – she has shared several videos of herself on her Instagram page to prove that. In fact, when Lisa was 16 weeks pregnant with her second baby, she shared a picture of herself by the beach holding her surfboard and revealed that she would surf frequently – “Of course, with precaution.” She wrote, “I tried doing other forms of exercises but all other exercises would make me feel worse – this was practically my only release to feel better from the intense nausea and also get an adrenaline kick – I mean, it’s a high.”

Here’s her post:

Baby waves with my baby bump I was gonna post this as my “coming out” pic. But i thought the joy of another addition to our family belonged to all three of us so that’s what was posted instead. Here is a throwback to being #16weeks pregnant with #2. I wrote this a few weeks ago in answer to lots of questions about exercise when preg and nausea .. since writing this post I haven’t done any exercise or even gone for a walk. Lots has been eaten though and our baby is so far, so good and that’s all that matters. This first trimester was rough. Nothing like my first pregnancy… surfing was something I had been doing from before and was disappointed at the thought of having to stop. I checked with my doctor who surprisingly approved and said one should carry on as usual. Of course, with precautions. I tried doing other forms of excersize but, All other excersize would make me feel worse – this was practically my only release (and sucking on a Lemon) to feel better from the intense nausea and also get an adrenaline kick- I mean, it’s a high. After doing loads of googling on the subject, I found multiple articles on surfing when pregnant.. and was relieved to know I’m not the only one. Positive, I haven’t got many, if any, pregnant surfers following me , but if I do:-) here’s what I learned and followed. 1.) surf on a foam board (unless modelling for first baby photo. Then pose with hard board;-) ) , 2.) try and paddle on your knees … I actually felt nothing when paddling on my stomach, so I did. 3.) don’t go out in crazy surf. 4.) listen to your body and to your doctor. This morning I took a moment to appreciate how much better life is feeling moving on from trimester one… another high. Week 16 was my cutoff to stop and so, Until next year baby waves

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On her Instagram page, Lisa Haydon frequently shares pictures and videos from her outings – many times accompanied by her sons. Last week, she shared a picture from the trio’s hiking trip on her Instagram story. Here are some of Lisa Haydon’s posts with her kids during outdoor activities:


A screenshot of Lisa Haydon’s Instagram story.

After debuting in 2010 film Aisha, Lisa Haydon appeared in movies like Rascals, The Shaukeens, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Housefull 3. However, her role in Kangana Ranaut’s Queen is arguably her career best.

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