Gul Panag’s “Morning vs Evening” Post Is Keeping The Internet Busy. Here’s How

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  • “Exercising in the evening has its advantages,” wrote Gul Panag
  • “I fear being ‘overtaken by events’ by the time its 6.30 PM,” she added
  • “I have more time to think strategically,” wrote Gul Panag

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Actress Gul Panag loves working out almost everyday but she believes there is a specific time of the day that does increase her productivity. Beginning her day with a selfie and a “Hello Wednesday” greeting on Instagram, the actress wrote: “Huge productivity surge as a result of shifting to exercise first thing in the day (I think) and first thing in the day isn’t like 5 AM or 6 AM. I work out the exercise slot, working backwards from first item on the day’s agenda. So it varies. Although exercising in the evening has its advantages, I fear being ‘overtaken by events’ by the time its 6.30 PM.” Elaborating on her idea of “productivity surge” the actress added, “The productivity surge I referred to has given this week a killer start.”

Gul Panag, who obtained her private pilot’s license in the year 2016, wrote in her post, “Like I’m ahead of the aircraft (aviator friends will get the metaphor). Loving it. I have more time to think strategically and then find the best possible tactics. Rather than the usual tactical responses one has to situations.” She later asked her Instafam about their thoughts about which slot they prefer and asked them to discuss it.

Most of Gul Panag‘s fans shared a similar school of thought as the actress. “Mornings are made to work hard and fast because we have the maximum energy,” wrote a fan. “Mornings better suited for me,” added another. Another similar thought by a fan: “Morning time is the best because evenings are unpredictable due to work.”

The morning-evening debate aside, some fans thanked the Dor actress for keeping them motivated. “Watching you doing the same motivated me for tomorrow,” read a comment. “Full admiration for how you’ve been working out during quarantine,” wrote a fan on Instagram.

Check out Gul Panag’s post here:

Like we said, Gul Panag loves working out either way. Take a look at some of the posts here:

#fitnessfriday If there’s one exercise I could pick for its benefits , it would be the push up. Over the last few months , I’ve used a combination of different variations of pushups, squats and planks to keep fit. Body weight . No weights . And I’m fitter, leaner and stronger than ever before . As my friends @murgi @saltchennai @arezu and others who train professionally say, one must do a variety of variations in the form of a particular exercise to activate all muscle groups and fibres. The push-up although primarily for pectorals , can also be used to effectively train triceps, biceps, deltoids, trapezius and even lats. Seen here is the narrow, elbows tucked in , stance. It activates the biceps and triceps in addition to the primary muscle group – the pectorals. A wider stance works the deltoids . A pike push-up works the traps, deltoids and lats. The diamond one ( that I can’t do) is the hardest. Incline and decline push ups train different sections of the pectoral muscle group. All can be done at home . Start small. Set realistic goals , and work your way up. What’s your go to exercise?

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Gul Panag made her debut in Bollywood with the 2003 film Dhoop. She has been a part of films like Dor, Jurm, Manorama Six Feet Under, Hello, Straight and Ab Tak Chhappan 2. The former Miss India was last seen in the Anushka Sharma produced web-series Paatal Lok.

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