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WASHINGTON: Former vice-president Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the last remaining contenders for the Democratic nomination to the 2020 Presidential election, both said on Sunday they would pick a female vice-presidential running mate, with California Senator Kamala Harris in a likely shortlist for the ticket. The v-p is now considered ever more a heartbeat from the Presidency given the age of the male contenders.
In a dialed down Democratic debate that began with the two men exchanging elbow bumps in the time of coronavirus, Biden committed firmly to a woman nominee, while Sanders said he would likely do the same. Except in novels and fictional TV dramas, the U.S is yet to have a female vice-president, let alone a woman President, in its history.
Both mainstream political parties have in the past nominated women for the V-P ticket – notably Democrat Geraldine Ferraro to run with Walter Mondale in 1980 and Sarah Palin to run with John McCain in 2004 – but neither ticket came even close to winning.
Trump himself is widely speculated to be considering roping in Nikki Haley as a running mater after throwing incumbent vice-president Mike Pence under the bus over the coronavirus response fiasco.
Democrats believe having a woman on the ticket would energize the party, particularly after Hillary Clinton was denied the Presidency in 2016 by the electoral college despite winning nearly 2.87 more popular votes than Donald Trump, who came to office by virtue of getting more electoral votes which decides who wins the White House. Women were elected to Congress in record numbers in the 2018 election in reaction to President Trump’s purported attitude towards the gender.
Overall, 54 per cent women voted for Hillary Clinton compared to 42 per cent for Trump in 2016, but broken along racial lines, majority of non-college educated white women (64%) voted for Trump, while 35% backed Clinton. However, Clinton won more than 80 per cent of non-white female votes.
Perhaps with this in mind, Biden is said to be considering California’s Indian-American-African Senator Kamala Harris as a running mate despite her eviscerating the former vice-president in one of the early debates before she bailed out of the race. Such a pick would also balance the ticket geographically since Biden is from the East Coast.
Others on the short list of both men include Senators Any Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, who also dropped out of the race.
The debate, the last one before Tuesday’s primaries in Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Arizona that are expected to go ahead despite the coronavirus fear, took place in an audience-less setting.

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