An IT company is giving two weeks’ pay as bonus to help staff deal with coronavirus fallout

As companies across the globe are trying to find a way to stay afloat with steps aimed at encouraging employees to work from home, a software company has announced a monetary assistance for its employees to overcome the coronavirus crises.

US-based Workday has announced a cash bonus worth two weeks’ pay for its employees to help them deal with “unforeseen costs and needs” due to the outbreak.

“A one-time payment—equivalent to two-weeks pay—for the majority of employees to help accommodate any unforeseen costs and needs at their discretion. With schools and support services moving to virtual experiences or being temporarily suspended, we know our employees need the additional financial support and flexibility. We hope this additional pay will help alleviate some of the pressures,” the company said in a statement.

Apart from this, the company has also announced a relief fund for employees who may need additional support going ahead.

Among other perks, the company has expanded its childcare benefits from 10 to 15 days to help source and pay for back-up child care. It also expanded paid sick leave policy for employees diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We feel that by taking care of our employees, we are in turn helping take care of our customers, who are relying on us during this difficult period. These are unprecedented times and we feel it’s important that we do what we can to protect and support our workforce and community,” the company said.

Workday, founded in 2005, is an on-demand financial management and human capital management software company. This year, Workday was placed in the fifth position in Fortune’s best company to work for in US.

Companies are trying out various novel measures to tackle the global health crisis that has severely impacted operations. Last week, Shopify announced that it would give its employees a $1,000 stipend to furnish their home-offices. Gig economy biggies like Uber and Lyft said they would compensate contract drivers impacted by the virus.

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